These two photos of Sammy were shot on the side of a back road near the Japanese city of Sapporo.  We drove a lot of the roads in the area looking for interesting features and these avalanche barriers are everywhere.  There was so much snow though that many of them were filled in and didn’t look that big …….except these ones!

Initially we weren’t sure how they could ski themas they were pretty steep and if you get too much speed the guys would quickly find themselves launching onto the road right at the bottom, which incidentally is right where I was standing, on a road.  Shot with a Canon 1dMKIV at iso 1600 and f2.8 on a 24-70 it was pretty dark, long after the sun had gone down for the day so I was initially worried about the lack of light.  But the dMKIV came through for me and the shots at iso 1600 are just STUNNING.