Now that I have split my blog into essentially two parts, this one and the more general photography one, I want to use this one to update people a little more on my everyday shooting.  In the last 7 days Whistler Blackcomb has received something in the region of 215cm of snow.  The skiing here has been amazing as usual, if a little stormy while the snow was falling.  Now we are experiencing some high pressure and blue skies though.  I spent Christmas here without worry too much about shooting, instead I got out there in the storm and made some turns for myself.  It might be the last chance I get to do that for the rest of the season, at least without my camera bag.  Yesterday afternoon the mountain was busy with vacationing families so I decided to find a location I had never shot before.  That’s quite a hard thing to do in a resort where you are just starting your 7th winter season!  In the end I settled on climbing onto a rock pretty close to one of the chair lifts.  There was no way to ski onto it, and no safe way to ski off it so as a result it was un-tracked.  On a day with probably 25,000 on the mountain finding a fresh patch of snow can be tricky!

I have a copy of NIK Software’s new program HDR Efex Pro, of which I am doing a review for Pro Photo Coalition, so I thought I’d take the opportunity to shoot another photo to use in my review.  I set my Canon 1dMKIV on a tripod with a 4mm f2.4 II lens and shot a 5-shot bracket which I ran through HDR Efex Pro to get this photo.  I’m quite pleased with it because it is a view I have never shot before, looking South down the valley.

Opinions on HDR photos will always be divided.  I would not say I am a fan of them, but I do appreciate a good one when I see one so I like to give them a try every now and again.

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