On the ferry

Earlier in the week I posted about the beginning of my trip to Revelstoke, BC, with the guys from Poorboyz Productions.  When we left Whistler we didn’t have much of a plan and currently we are still here in Revvy.  Back home in Whistler the freezing level has been very high but it’s remained cold here and the snow is deep and plentiful  When we arrived last week the avalanche danger was at Extreme but things have settled down a bit now and I think we are only at Considerable now!  Whilst the snow has been great, the weather has not.  Mostly bringing high overcast conditions with very flat light.  Not ideal for photography at all.  We check the forecast every day but it seems the sunny spell we originally intended to catch is always 2 days away.  Like a donkey chasing a dangling carrot……

We’ve explored a lot of the local terrain, many areas that I’m not familiar with so it’s still good to become familiar with these areas for another day.  Unfortunately Mike Henitiuk sent an enormous cliff one day and sustained a compression fracture to one of the vertebrae in his neck.  He’s fine, but he’ll be out of skiing for a while.  Right now we are feeling the frustrations of local weather systems, 3 forecasts are showing 3 entirely  different predictions from heavy snow to bluebird for tomorrow.  We’ll just have to wait and see what comes.

At the end of the day yesterday we stopped on the way down from the mountain to shoot some timelapses. The cracks in the clouds created some crazy sunset colors. This was shot with the Canon 300mm f2.8 L IS and a Canon 1dMKIV.