I’ve been doing this for some time but yesterday someone commented on it and I thought I ought to post about it.  Sometimes I use a monopod when I’m shooting.  Either with large lenses like my 300mm f.28 L IS or sometimes smaller lenses if I have slow shutter speed or I’m trying to frame a subject in a very particular way.  In the later scenario I find that it helps me to keep the framing how I want it instead of subconsciously tracking with the subject as they fly through my viewfinder.  If you’ve ever used a monopod in the snow , or a tripod for that matter, you know the foot tends to sink deep into the snow as soon as you apply any pressure.  Without adding something with a huge surface area to the bottom of the leg, you are never going to prevent this, but you can help it a little.  In most good pharmacies or AMAZON you’ll be able to pick up replacement feet for crutches for about $5 a pair.  These feet have a considerably greater surface area than then standard monopod feet and they also have very soft rummer on the base that will conform to other surfaces like rocks.  In deep powder it will still sink, but not nearly as far and you can easily stop out a harder patch that will work with this new foot.

By the way, I use an Induro 4 section carbon fiber monopod which is available from B&H Photo HERE.  Crutch Tips on AMAZON HERE.