After returning from Switzerland where I was shooting for SBC Skier magazine and Orage clothing we were greeted with an even more incredible amount of snow in Whistler than was here when we left.  It’s just been another incredible year here and I couldn’t ask for a better place to call home.  The original plan had been to head almost straight to Alaska with the Poorboyz crew but after some discussion it was decided that we would stay in BC.  The conditions were going to make for an epic spring season and the athletes schedules were proving tricky to work into a plan for AK.  Poorboyz rented a house in Whistler and we have been hard at work when the weather permits.  I thought I’d post a few Images of some of the incredible terrain that we have been accessing on our snowmobiles in the area.

Sunset near Seagrams - Just south of Whistler

Sunrise at 6am in Brandywine

Sammy Carlson and Riley Leboe on top of lines on the Pemberton Icecap

This day was super stormy in Rutherford but occasionally a sucker hole would blow through long enough to get a shot.