I got a nice surprise today when the first winter issue of Freeskier arrived in my mailbox.  In the center of the magazine was a pullout poster which features a photo of mine that I shot this past winter in Revelstoke , BC, Canada.  We’d been in Revelstoke for a couple of weeks in January 2011 shooting with the Poorboyz productions crew.  The snow had been pretty good for us but the weather wasn’t cooperating.  Lots of cloudy days with flat light meant we couldn’t venture too far on our snowmobiles.  Tim Durtschi joined us for the last few days of the trip and on the last day that I was able to stay , we finally caught a little sunshine and went to explore a zone that we’d heard a tip about.  It was shot with a Canon 1dMK4 and the new Canon 70-300 f4-5.6 L IS.  You can see the original photo below was actually shot in portrait orientation but the size and quality of the files produced by the Canon 1dMK4 are so good that it allows my clients to make adjustments to the crop if they need to.  This also proves the quality and resolution of Canon’s awesome new compact 70-300 zoom lens!  The resulting poster looks great !

Canon 1dMK4 , 166mm, f8, iso500, 1/1250

Tim Durtschi, Revelstoke, BC