I shot this image in Whistler with Mike in winter 2011 alongside the Poorboyz Productions crew as they worked on filming The Grand Bizarre.  We used a winch to pull Mike across a flat car park at the top of the stair way and he jumped right over the whole stair set.  I had some issues setting this up and getting it lit correctly.  I had to be on this side of the rail to get a look at Mike’s face but that meant the building behind the rail would be in the shot.  Not only the building but also the filmer from PBP was on the roof.  I didn’t want any of that background to pull attention away from the stair way so I rummaged around in my truck and found some plastic packaging and bits of cardboard which I used to flag the flashes.  This directed the light at the rail but not the building.  Then I put a 20 degree grid on my Elinchrom Ranger as well as a blue gel filter.  Again, the blue color would ensure that people weren’t distracted by the background.  Mike did a 180 over the rail with ease and this shot came from his first attempt.  Perfect timing just to see a little bit of his face, but also have the skis turned enough that you know what trick he is doing.  Shot with a Canon 5dMKII and a 15mm fisheye along with all the lighting gear that you can find on this page.