2011 was the winter that just didn’t stop.  Unfortunately I had broken my wrist whilst sledding in April and I had to take a few weeks off.  When we had one last dump and I heard the Poorboyz guys were heading for a sunrise shoot on this particular zone I knew I had to try and get up there, one handed!  The zone gets the very first rays of light as the sun crests the horizon and I guarantee you were all in bed as Dane was skiing this line.  Due to my temporary disability I was running a little behind the other guys on the way up there as just as I reached the zone I could see Dane on top preparing to drop in.  I panicked a bit and whilst trying to bring my sled to a stop in a good spot I rolled it over, luckily right where I wanted it though as there was no way I could flip it back again with one wrist in a cast.



This image appeared in an article about Dane which ran in Freeskier magazine and was shot with a Canon 1dMK4 and a Canon 300mm f2.8 L IS @ f6.3 , iso500, 1/1600

You can view the original image on my archive HERE .  Prints and licensing are available.