This photo of Riley Leboe comes from a Poor Boyz Productions trip to Revelstoke,BC last winter.  We’d spend four or five days previously poking about in the fog and clouds that were hanging in the valley and it really limits where you can go with your snowmobile.  Finally we got a break in the weather but the snow that had been falling had really piled up.  We broke trail on cat tracks through 2 or 3 feet of fresh snow just to get to the bottom of the main climb up into this particular zone.  It took us most of the day just to break into the Alpine!  Riley spotted this little hit just as we were about to go down for the day and he hit it just a couple of minutes before the sun set, giving it that insane blue color in the sky.  There really is nothing else like it.  As usual you want to really isolate the skier in the photo so I got down low and predicted his path to make sure he would not be against the trees when he was flying through the air.  Usually the skier will throw a small snowball so you can see where they plan on going.

The shot was taken with my 70-300 f4-5.6 L IS on a 1DMK4 @79mm f7.1, iso500, 1/1250

You can view the original image HERE in my archive which is available for prints and licensing.