This image recently ran as a double page spread in the photo gallery of Skier issue 11.3.  Charley is doing a 180 off this cliff in the Revelstoke backcountry.  I forget the exact name of the zone that we were in that day but I’ll never forget the mission it was to get to it.  Heavy snowfall the previous week had left the access trail untouched.  We (Poorboyz Productions &me) were the first ones into the trail in the morning and we broke through a few feet of fresh snow just on the cat track.  The second part of the access though was much tougher.  Riley and Charley broke some of the trail up the steepest part of the face but it was too deep for them to make it all the way.  Eventually some local guys showed up with 1000cc sleds with nitrous and turbos bolted to them.  They were able to break the next part of the trail for us but even then it was tough going.  Probably the hardest days sledding of my career.

The shot was taken with my 70-300 f4-5.6 L IS on a 1DMK4  @ f7.1 , iso500 , 1/1000

You can view the original image in my archive HERE which is available for licensing and prints.