In the spring of 2012 I got a call from the team manager at Faction skis to shoot a day with Arnaud Rougier and local Whistler  skier Simon D’artois.  They needed a few extra shots for their 2012/13 campaign and we’d only have one day to get it done.  As is so often the case with this kind of stuff it turned out to be a tricky mission as the weather didn’t want to co-opertae and neither did the snow.  Temperatures had been high following a big snowfall so backcountry avalanche danger was high.  We needed to stick close to the ski area (Whistler Blackcomb) and limit ourselves to mellow , rolling terrain.  After a few false starts throughout the day we found a tree with a small patch of un-tracked snow beneath it and decided to build a jump right over it.  This shot of Arnaud was the final shot of the day and the clouds just parted enough in the background to give some light.  I also lit Arnaud with a Paul C Buff Einstein light and triggered it using hypersync with a Pocketwizard TT5.  This allowed me to sync the flash at 1/1250 !!! Pretty incredible.

1/1250 , iso 400 , f10 , 12mm with a Canon 8-15mm fisheye on a Canon 1D MK4