This image ran in SBC Skier this month and it’s certainly one of the crazier urban skiing setups I’ve shot.  The feature itself is a well known one in Whistler that I have shot many times and has featured in several ski films.  Leigh mentioned that he had a new idea this year and when he told me what it was I knew It was going to make a pretty awesome photo.  It was filmed by Poorboyz for their movie WE and you can see part of the shot right at the end of the trailer that I’ve embedded below, you’ll even spot me tucked in the corner taking the photo you see below.  I shot with a Canon 1D MK4 and the 8-15mm f4 L Fisheye Zoom lens at about 12mm.  Lighting setup was my standard urban kit of Elinchrom Ranger, Einstein and a couple of funky old Nikon speedlights all triggered with Pocketwizards.